“Raku” on paper, exhibit in Vernon, BC, Canada

POP-UP exhibition by Yvonne Krystman “Raku on paper” – Saturday, June 9th, 4-7pm

Join us for a POP-UP Exhibition at the Caetani Centre Studio Gallery

Featuring Artist in Residence Yvonne Krystman

Yvonne Krystman holds a degree in commercial art from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, and has been creating work and learning new techniques for over 20 years.  Yvonne is mixed media artist, potter and photographer. She is a Polish – Canadian artist, living in Florida and is currently a self-directed artist in residence at the Caetani Cultural Center.

Raku is a Japanese word that loosely translates into “happiness in the accident” and is usually used to describe an ancient technique of glazing pottery. In this case, artist Yvonne Krystman presents works on paper that follow the same principles, of turning accidents using different media into visually pleasing artwork on paper.

source: https://www.caetani.org/2018/05/yvonnekrystmanrakuonpaper/


“Abstracted” new show in Fort Myers, Fl.



This August, four diverse artists come together for the Abstracted Group Art Show! Opening during Art Walk, Abstracted features the works of Karen Gozzo Nolan, Michael Pohlman, Jeffrey Scott Lewis, and Yvonne Krystman. Each artist contributed works that exemplify the abstract, yet evoke powerful emotions. The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is located at 2301 First St. in the historic downtown Fort Myers River District.

The word abstract refers to something that exists as an idea or concept, but has no concrete meaning or physical representation. In the group art show Abstracted, the artists had the unique challenge of creating meaning out of something seemingly meaningless. Through shape, line, texture, and color, each artist brings their own interpretation of the abstract to the exhibition. For some, the translation is gritty, cold, and harsh, and for others, it’s warm, soft, and peaceful.

For artist Michael Pohlman, the abstract means “taking something familiar and placing it in an unfamiliar setting.” In Pohlman’s work, this can be seen in the clash between color and shape: soft, warm circles intermingling with harsh, jagged lines. Each artist, however, brings their own perspective to this group show, which can only be properly experienced in person. See this exhibition open on Friday, August 3rd in the Grand Atrium at 6pm.

Opening: Friday, August 3rd • 6pm – 10pm
Closing: August 28th • 5pm
Free to Attend | 1st Floor Grand Atrium

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OverExPosed- installation. 2016

My art residency at arts letters and numbers is coming to the end this Saturday.

I totally got what I asked for: being out of my comfort zone 🙂

Interesting enough as a result I am working on a show that examines things I was not comfortable in my past.

Overexposed, examines some ways we are exposing and overexposing ourselves. It can be for so many different reasons from  a purpose of documenting a moment, or medical or  in a attempt to get close to another human. Overexposure happens and like in a photography  overexposed parts become burned out, often blurry…

In this multi media installation, I will overexpose myself… please come if you are in the area!overexposed-showpic